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By default this file does not exist (although it is possible that, during the installation process, Kodi created one for you to deal with specific configuration issues). You’ll need to either import your library (from Settings Import Library), or rescan your sources to begin populating the My SQL database from scratch. When that’s done and your library is back in place, you can hop over to your My SQL command prompt and check to make sure Kodi created and populated the databases.If the file exists, it will be in the following location, based on your OS: Check in that folder. At the my SQL comment prompt, run: (we’re not using a database for music in our example, so only our video database is appearing in the list).By default, the Windows installer open the port automatically, but we’ve seen situations in which it didn’t.The easiest way to open the port is with a Power Shell command.If you want to back up your current library, you can do so from within Kodi.

That’s all you need to do in the command line for now—though we recommend keep the command prompt open for the My SQL server, however, as we’re going to check in later and take a peek at the databases once Kodi has created them for us.

Kodi is still one of the most powerful media center applications around, and it works on everything from powerful media PCs to small Raspberry Pis.

But if you have multiple TVs in your house, wouldn’t it be nice if they all stayed in sync?

When it’s finished, make sure “Launch the My SQL Instance Configuration Wizard” is checked, and click Finish.

The My SQL configuration wizard will launch and present you with the option to select between Detailed and Standard Configuration. On the next screen, check “Install As Windows Service”, name it My SQL—or, if you’re running multiple My SQL servers for some purpose, give it a unique name—and check “Launch the My SQL Server Automatically” to ensure the My SQL server is always on when you need it.

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