Wrongplanet dating

And, we encourage you always to use caution and common sense when dating or interacting with people online in general.

We hope so, but please keep a few things in mind: What you do or don’t do when it comes to sex is your very own private decision.

Never send money or credit card details to people you have met online or that you don't know very well. Make sure that you store all of your access information in a secure place.

Your access data is your account information, which includes the email address connected to your PLANETROMEO profile and your password.

That's why we provide dating tips and useful information so you can make the best choices for you.

Always be careful when sharing personal information with others, in conversations or in your profile.

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  1. My ‘Last seen’ status on the other hand, is turned off. Just like when you have the blue check marks turned off, you’re giving away less information. A while later I put her out of her misery and bless her with the sweet taste of my attention. —This girl suddenly thinks I’m “super fucking hot”. I make a distinction between the ladies you’ve met in real life and the ones that you met online.