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Don't sabotage a potential relationship by lying up front. They teach salespeople in training to "Ask for the sale"... My friends say I'm the life of the party, always cheerful and full of energy.

I enjoy ceramics, quilt-making, and reading a good book. You'll never find me at a soccer match or NASCAR race! I am 36, naturally blonde (though you can't tell from the way I act), with an average build.

It's lying, and it'll come back and bite you in the butt. Or, go ahead and spring for a session at a professional studio.

Do NOT post your college yearbook picture if you've since had 3 kids and put on 30 lbs. Get your buddy who's an amateur shutterbug with a nice camera to give you a "shoot".

Give it a few months at least before you get some results.

Communication should evolve from email exchanges to telephone conversations (for security purposes, just to avoid the offhand lunatic out there, make sure you have the other party's number), and then to a personal meeting for a lunch or coffee After that, it is all genes and chemistry. But at least if you are going out with a lot of people, meeting new people quickly and efficiently (a key advantage of online dating), you can expect to find someone to fall in love with faster It is surprising how many people are still shy about putting their photo online.

Do not have him pick you up at your house; you dont want him to know where you live. What did you see for headlines as you studied the print personals? Let's dream up some new adventures for just the two of us... ""Sensitive, caring woman, 30-something, ISO tall, dark, and handsome Prince Charming for walks on the beach, wine at sunset, and cuddling by the fire. Interspersed with all this we’ll talk about subjects of common interest like unfair teaching loads and how all the prestigious journals have evidently been taken over by editors with tin ears to real research."SOULFUL BLUE-EYES SEEKS GOOD MAN FOR ADVENTURES... Then after I do forward citation checks on my papers to see if anyone new has referenced them, and Google myself, we’ll head to dinner, where I’ll inquire at length about the restaurant’s single vineyard cabernets and sheep’s milk cheeses.

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