With one voice singleness dating and marriage

There isn't much to say by way of criticizing the book.

Perhaps it could have brought up the influence of the romantic movement in the 1800s on society's present view of dating and marriage.

Excepting those gifted for lifelong singleness, marriage is God's will for the Christian young person.

That being the case, cross-gender relationships should not be all about fun and enjoyment, rather they should be intentionally focused on the reality of marriage.

There couldn't be a more practical "how to" book for this process, yet at the same time the book gives plenty of space for a variety of methods to be used.

Instead of a detailed prescription, the book offers an under-girding framework of Biblical principles upon which to erect a healthy and successful, Biblically faithful relationship.

He calls such nostalgic responses "unwarranted and misplaced", which often "fall short of addressing the heart issues". The Christian response should be to study culture with a view of applying Biblical principles in such a way as to redeem and confront it.

After setting the stage, the book goes on to emphasize that marriage should be normal.

In my church’s teaching series on relationship I am convinced that it’s healthy to begin teaching I’m reading this as a Pastor who is thinking about the topic of relationships for those in my congregation that are single and who desire to be married some day.

I wish I had such a book when I was thinking through my own dating philosophy.

It would have saved me much time and grief in thinking through such things on my own!

Technological and commercial advances have coupled with the increasingly personalized society to lure courtship from the parents' front porch to the drive-in movie theater and eventually to live-in relationships.

The Chediaks also highlight how the new concept of delayed adolescence gave room for today's entertainment and me-oriented culture.

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There are not too many books out there which deal with how to find a mate, yet are written from a wholly Christian and Biblical perspective.

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