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It's a recent relationship, but I'm not really ready to go public with it yet," she explains.

special, Sean and Catherine revealed that their wedding would be televised on ABC, a decision Lindsay totally supports. I am so excited to watch their whole wedding unfold on TV," she says. In the end, I was a part of two people falling in love, and I don't regret being a part of it."Lindsay adds, "Sean is such a great guy and I want him to be happy and I want him to find love.

runner up Lindsay Yenter might have something to worry about on the horizon, and it involves some nude photos.

One thing’s absolutely for certain in this Celeb World of ours: If you snap yourself nude don’t expect those glamour shots to stay hidden in the shadows for long.

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On tonight’s episode, Vonn tells Bear that she’s currently single and has enjoyed “putting the priority back on [herself]” for a change, according to People.

Though Sean Lowe broke up with her in Thailand and proposed to Catherine Guidici on the ABC reality hit's finale, runner-up Lindsay exclusively tells E!In a weird sick way, I am really happy for them, because when it comes down to it I want him to work things out with Catherine. "I love working with all the young children."Looking ahead, Lindsay says, "I hope to continue teaching and find Mr. I want a normal life, I really enjoyed this opportunity, but I am just a normal girl who wants to have a family and a great marriage."As for the show being over and the truth finally out there, she says, "It feels good.And if it wasn't going to be with me, I am glad he is with her."Though she's originally from North Carolina, Lindsay has decided to stay in California, revealing to us she's already landed a new job: The former substitute teacher just started working in her own classroom at a Montessori school in Irvine, Calif.! I am glad that everything is out and I can just move on with my life.The two were married on September 29, 2007, and officially divorced on January 9, 2013.A year before the separation, Vonn opened up to the Daily Mail about her divorce.

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