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Ex-Boyfriends, Husbands Kate Moss had a brief affair with Daniel Craig in 2004, the man who is famous for his role as James Bond Agent 007. Now in her 30’s, Kate’s next relationship – with Pete Doherty was a bit reminiscent of her eventful romance with Johnny Depp.

The only difference was that this time, it was not just flayed tempers and the occasional outburst. The same year she broke up with Pete Doherty, she met The Kills guitarist and songwriter, Jamie Hince through mutual friends.

For the years that the relationship lasted, it was a whirlwind of emotions, as this was a pairing of two expressive personalities.

The paparazzi caught them yelling at each other as much as it pictured them touching and kissing in public.

The then 20-year-old Kate started dating Depp who was 11 years older in 1994.

The pair met for the first time at a restaurant in New York, and according to Kate, she was sure they were going to date the very moment she saw him.

In The Kills, Hince is known as "Hotel" and Mosshart is known as "VV". In 2008, The Sun reported that Hince and Moss became engaged during a trip to Amsterdam.

Hince proposed to her in bed with a vintage 1920s ring worth more than £10,000.

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Johny Depp paid the hotel ,767.12 and an additional ,000 for damages.

After a four year relationship and a rumored engagement, the pair split in 1997.

There is definitely something chic and mysterious about Kate Moss, the iconic model who has been a regular face on the red carpet for the better part of two decades.

Her style and charisma have seen her face grace some of the most exotic add campaigns ever made.

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