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The 35-year-old has earned a total of eight Olympic medals, two of them gold, for his performance as a short track speed skater. While he appeared on the show again in 2012 for the All-Star 15th season, he was eliminated during the show's ninth week.On top of that, he is an eight-time World Short Track Speed Skating Championship gold medalist and was the youngest U. A quick look at Ohno's Instagram shows that he's still repping U. pride, loves to travel, and frequently reminisces on past wins. Constantly using hashtags like #happy, #proud, or #betterhalf, Ohno makes it clear that these two are so adorable together.It started out as what could be called a weakness, but after he was diagnosed and started treatment, he said there was a huge difference. Apolo Anton Ohno is an American short track speed skating competitor and an eight-time medalist in the Winter Olympics.Before he appeared on Dancing With The Stars, he was famous for the youngest United States national champion.

Likewise, Apolo and Bianca have traveled all around the globe, and they supposedly enjoy exploring new places.

In an Instagram post, Stam wrote that Sesame is one of the best tempered dogs she's ever met,, and "walks up to every single person with a heart full of love and respect." The pup also apparently suffers from the very adorable Small Dog Syndrome, where she thinks she's bigger than her 3.3 pound self.

In addition to parenting their pup, Ohno and Stam seem to love to travel together, to places ranging from New York to Las Vegas.

Well, it is still unclear exactly how long Apolo and Bianca have been dating, but it has come to light that the couple met in an art gallery about two years ago.

The sources tell that the couple was friends initially and eventually, the friendship they shared turned into a romantic union.

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