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Surprisingly, the R4 SHDC card can accommodate up to 2 gigabytes of data.

The popularity of the R4 cards grew exponentially when the 8 GB Micro SHDC cards were initially introduced into the markets.

Changing the appearance and the hardware of the R4 card, it was made to seem sturdier and more durable, in a light plastic material, with the components so arranged to provide more structural stability, and even the loading period was reduced greatly to a mere 4 seconds in spite of the increased memory capacity and the integrity of the card was constructed to be similar to the authorized R4i card SDHC, which is the relative of the R4 cards SDHC that is adaptable to both consoles of the DSi and DSi XL.

Speaking about the advantage of this R4 card or so called R4 SHDC card is that it has software updates that keep applications to date and is truly a modern and revolutionary multi-purpose card which can be enjoyed by a lot of users with differing tastes and preferences.

The main reason for this change is that the original R4 card had a spring mechanism on the back.

This was more simple, and meant there was no spring mechanism that could break.This release pulled along some controversies regarding the package which was made of gold color saying it is alike the notorious clone, R4i Gold card.To resolve these issues even the description on the card was deliberately altered from "R4 Revolution" to "R4 Renovation" and in order to make distinct as much as possible the old packaging from the new one, the different changes to the make and structure of the card were undertaken.With the R4i card inserted in the Nintendo consoles we can perform different activities such as playing mp3 music, watching movies and videos, and even reading e-books and other online reading material.The name for the R4 card given as R4 SHDC card is because of its capability to accommodate high capacity (HC) memory cards while it is true that a lot of cards can already adapt to high memory capabilities, it was the R4 SDHC which began the fashion of high memory capabilities.

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