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The tag "Voyager" is BT's own family name for their routers, under the hood they are, so far, altogether different beasts. ;o) Cor Jim - pm Guess I'll be standing in the kitchen freezing my watsits off till I suss it out then:( (only place with telephone point, missus dont want me to run an extension cable) It looks exactly the same as the 205, I will just have try every command till I get it done.

Thanx anyway, Jim , which is exactly how we all got a handle on the 205, being a Viking router under the hood.

And a place to grab the hacked firmwares, of course. For a company that claims to be evironmentally friendly, this surely-criminal practice aims to create a mountain hardware that's soul function will be to pollute the environment. While these devices are highly capable, they will be superceded, and unless we can bypass this insane "feature", discarding these perfectly functional units wil be the only option. I added "_BB" to a file cfe-voyager210_roi-v301z_a2pb018c1 I downloaded from I calculated CRC32 on bytes 0-235 and put it in 4 bytes 236-239 I am using voyager 210 with non BT ISP !!!!!!!!!! host it and let's see feedback from ppl with 210 !!!!!!!!! No need to mess about with firmware or process lists, the solution really is incredibly simple thanks to a little Java Script magic :) 1.

The BT Voyager 205 is not locked to any particular ISP, and when I eventually upgrade it, I will either pass it on to someone who needs it, or perhaps investigate turning the thing into an effects pedal. Navigate (using Internet Explorer, Fire Fox is untested) to this URL: IP with whatever your voyager is) The purpose of this is to make the connect page the only frame - other frames screw up the Java Script below. Open Notepad, and type in the following text exactly as it appears:(the above must be all on 1 line). You will notice that the connect page in your router refreshes every 10-20 seconds or so.

Alessio is on BT himself, so Paulo whipped out his copy of XVI32, did the dirty with the two firmwares files, and successfully connected his 2091 to AOL. *g* Check out the Useful links section below for the file you need.

Then follow this simple procedure (adapted from Dan's comment)..

At this early stage, not much hacking as been done.After the next refresh, immediately copy and paste the text in step 2 into the URL bar of Internet Explorer and hit ENTER. It will seem to you like nothing has happened - but now just enter (or preferably paste) your new ISP details in and hit connect - no more annoying "unsupported broadband service" message You must do all of this before the next refresh happens - so have everything ready in notepad for quick pasting.IMPORTANT NOTE: This worked for me *AFTER* I had actually set up my new ISP (Eclipse) in the router's Telnet CLI - you will have to do this first.If you know better, please get down to the commment form!Apart from a rare and early release, all versions of the BT Voyager 2091 are "ISP-Locked", that is, BT has locked it so you can't use them with another ISP.

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