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Hard mode, says Askiisoft, will introduce new enemies, alongside remixed versions of existing levels and bosses, while Speedrun mode will add the ability to skip cutscenes and brings "stable enemy behaviour".

Most importantly of all though, it'll be possible to pet Katana Zero's cat.

Askiisoft further explained how updating the game would not delete existing data but would warn players the save file was corrupted and ask them to reset it.

Ideally, it's best not to touch this game in the meantime. If you boot the updated version, the game will say that your save file is corrupted and ask if you want to reset it.

Its speed allows the player to continuously swinging at a target, preventing the enemy from retaliating.

There's no release date for Katana Zero's update just yet, beyond that "end of this month", but it's an experience well worth investigating even without the new additions.

The trick, then, is to chain your small but powerful set of moves together with absolute precision, clearing the room with a swift set of dodges, deflections, and sword slashes.

If you mess up though, and you likely will at first, a full rewind is just a button away, meaning you can try over and over until you nail the level in one breathlessly balletic display of blood and steel.

The tennis racket, for example, also deals relatively low damage, but can upgraded to do more damage and uses less stamina than the katana (though it is slower).

Despite the weapon information stating the block power is '0', the katana does block attacks, though the blocking capabilities are one of the worst of any weapon in the game (just as bad as that of the machete).

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They also said this little malware is able to control at least a thousand apps in a single running time.

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