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Note that in this example my My SQL database username is "root", my password is blank, and the My SQL database is running on the same computer where this program is run, so the database host name is "localhost". * Demonstrates the use of a SQL UPDATE statement against a * My SQL database, called from a Java program.

* * Created by Alvin Alexander, */ public class Java Mysql Prepared Statement Update Example Note that this SQL UPDATE query is a little unusual, but not totally uncommon.

However, the get Column Name() method is also needed if you want to display column headings. Lines 32 and 33 have been changed to use the name of this new class.

In addition, the get Column Class() method is also needed if you want to sort properly by any column other than a column with a String type. If you are going to allow removing rows from the table, you would include a method for doing that in this class as well. If you run this program, you will see that the Price column sorts correctly now.

but if i click somewhere in the updating row, which again turns the look of table as fig.That requires modifying the internal data for the model (in this case the variable my List) and calling the fire Table Rows Deleted(index, index) method. For the Simple Book Table Model to work, an Array List object must be returned from a Simple Book List object. That same type of synchronization must occur if you change the underlying data and you want the JTable to be updated.A way to make this synchronization easier, is to use a custom table mode, by extending the javax.swing.table. An abstract class can consist of regular methods that you inherit if they are public.

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