Tree ring dating worksheet are there any dating websites for the lonely

We can learn a lot about a tree's life just by looking at the rings in its stump!

Help your little nature lover learn about tree-ring dating with this helpful guide.

Scientists use dendrochronology to learn about the age of a tree, the weather during its life, and any natural disasters or pests the tree endured.

It's pretty cool that a tree can tell us so much information without being able to talk!

If a tree has fallen or been cut down, you may be able to see rings.

The circles look similar to the rings that appear when you throw a rock in a pond.

This layer will start out light in color and become darker as the the growing season comes to an end.

So, the darkest part of the ring shows the end of the growing season.

They're actually natural markings inside the trunk of a tree.

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Well, there are various types of rings, and each kind tells a different story. When you see a wide and even tree ring, the tree experienced a healthy growing season.

This usually means it was a year with plenty of rain and sunshine.

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You have to lean your weight toward them to keep from falling down. A tree will add wood to the side it is being pushed toward to keep from falling over.

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