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It’s natural to get angry at the person who is causing you pain.

When manic, persons with bipolar disorder can be horribly insensitive and inconsiderate. Placing the infuriating and frustrating behavior within the context of the disorder can help you place the blame with the disease, not the person. As the partner of someone with mental illness, you probably feel guilty when bipolar episodes become out of control. The reality, though, is that you were not born with super powers. You can love, you can support, you can advocate for, and you can be there.

Each partner has the right to set their own boundaries, make their own rules, interpret abuse as they see fit. Focus on the person you fell in love with, not the struggles, the anger, or the disease.

Ultimately each has the right to leave the relationship if their needs are not being met. Remember the many good times you’ve shared together.

Most committed relationships have their challenges. Add bipolar to the mix and the degree of difficulty suddenly gets a lot higher.

The flavour of the mood could be really euphoric, high energy and excited, and can also be irritable or agitated - so the 'high' states aren't always fun.

We all have a fear center in our brain called the amygdala, responsible for activating flight-or-flight reactions. Our only guide is a lifetime of experience, which inevitably involves a history of wrong choices.

Our clear messages get lost and we become irrational and unreasonable. Mistakes are inevitable, but they may also give us the wisdom to move forward.

I truly believe that if you are going to choose to love someone with bipolar disorder, it is essential that you have a comprehensive understanding of what this particular mental illness looks like, as well as an acceptance of the fact that your partner will live with this disease for the rest of their life.

My bipolar disorder doesn’t control me, but it does rear it’s ugly head from time to time. If you can't fully accept your partner’s condition, perhaps being in a relationship with them isn’t a good idea for either of you.

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