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And lastly, spring in Washington Square, New York City.Roosevelt describes how lovely spring has arrived in Hyde Park.Rowe, Director General of the Pan-American Union on third meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.ER suggests Mayris Chaney as Director of Physical Fitness.Public Affairs - "Human Rights, Cornerstone of Peace." (NBC).Roosevelt is Miss Sally Butler, President of the International Federation, Miss Eve Currie, distinguished author and Mrs.Roosevelt speaks about the White House and the proposed renovations.Carrington is the creator and writer of three well known radio serials, Pepper Young's Family, Rosemarie and When A Girl Marries.

), Director of the Education Division of "War Saving Staff" describes program.

In Detroit, two little boys demand to see ER in hotel room, Mrs.

Civil Defense Creed written by Stephen Vincent Benet, read by ER.

Roosevelt to send to her compatriots enormous goods wishes from the French people and also tell of their sufferings, efforts and hopes at the beginning of the new year.

Roosevelt speaks about French farmers and their wives: She states that in all the parts of France which were invaded, and where fighting took place, the farmers' land was always in peril.

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