Fun order: Sora Box Sushi (it’s literally box shaped) — tuna, ungagi and avocado.

Background: Husband-and-wife owners Tony Yum (chef) and Rosena Tong (manager) were both born in Hong Kong and ran a restaurant in San Francisco before moving to Charlotte.

Customers are assigned a sit next to an opposite sex with minimal knowledge of what they do and in fact no jobs discussion is allowed.

Too many a times our impression on people we meet for first time are based on their jobs!

It’s definitely the most upscale and beautiful of all our sushi restaurants.

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Wash it down with their Spicy Mule made with homemade ginger beer.

Vibe: Upscale takeout-only seafood market in Myers Park. What to order: Mint-To-Be Roll () – spicy king crab salad, avocado, topped with salmon, olive oil, yuzu kosho, mint leaf and yuzu tobiko. No other sushi bar uses our quality fish.” – Bill Ryan, owner of Clean Catch.

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