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Good Morning Flagstaff is a facilitated, speed networking event providing businesses and organizations the opportunity to meet dozens of new prospects face-to-face.Frequently described as “speed dating for businesses,” Good Morning Flagstaff draws more than 100 businesses quarterly.I need to know I can place trust in her when she is away from me on her own taking care of herself not messing around.She needs to be sure of herself her attitude, personality and know she is in control of herself, needs to be calm, secure - knows she is all right has confidence.

She needs to be genuine, needs to be real not a fake.She needs to be trustworthy, I need to depend on her when things needs to be done, she needs to be reliable when I need to rely on her, need a shoulder to lean on, and I need to be sure she will be counted on to get things done.She has to be completely true of herself, needs to tell truth to me so I have faith in her without any doubts or worries.She does not need to hide things from me, bring everything out in the open, no holding back, does not hold back even if it will hurt her and her man.Tell me everything about her, her secrets, tell all important things to me so later no shame, no embarrassment, no arguing, no backbiting, no finger pointing these things will hold back the relationship or hinder it.

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