Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating

We ultimately stayed with Sophos because re-deploying a new AV product is a big PITA, and we've never had any issues with malware/ransomware, so we feel the protection we have been getting has been good.I would only consider Sophos Central viable for very small computer counts due to lack of administrative features.Overall we've not had any issues with Sophos screwing up user computers.There is a lot of "holy shit that is stupid as heck" stuff with administration in the Enterprise Console.It also allows us to push zero days to the clients without them being on our network, only on some sort of internet connection.Before I get to why I cannot recommend Sophos Central, I want to say each environment is different and so are the skill sets.

Sophos Central should come with many disclaimers and they should up their "minimum requirements" as their products are BEEFY.

We started only doing one at a time as we couldnt say this was the absolute fix.

The 3 step failed, the devices are not wanting to uninstall the old version.

It can be used to install Sophos endpoint security software remotely, and to configure, monitor, manage, and report on Sophos enterprise endpoint products running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX computers. No claims are made as to fitness for any particular purpose.

No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied.

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