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Thanks ever'body, for continuin' to show up to this little corner of the internet. There is nothing inappropriate about my being a lesbian.It's become an important part of my day to come here and check in. (I'm not implying anyone on these threads said there was, but it is necessary to the point I'm trying to make that I state that clearly and explicitly.) Therefore, there is nothing inappropriate -- or indiscreet or indicative of poor boundaries around my personal privacy -- about my talking about my life with that same level of appropriate-to-the-situation familiarity as my co-workers.He lives in a local suburb that is known for it's very conservative religious/social views.In fact, whenever you read an anti-gay quotation in our local paper, the chances are probably 75-80% that it's coming from an Italian American associated with one on the Catholic churches in that part of the area.Now, I'm also neither stupid nor naive, so I do realize that there are going to be some people in the world who, due to their own insecurities and woundings, are going to perceive me as "less than" and assume that I am going be behaving accordingly.THAT IS ABOUT THEM, NOT ABOUT ME, and THAT IS THEIR PROBLEM, NOT MY PROBLEM.

freya There almost always is a discrepancey in.....timing for a gay man, because there are no sanctions and approvals for his exploring his sexuality when everyone else is, during chronological adolescence.But, anyways, a few weeks later my client's money becomes available, and he calls me up and comes in to do the paperwork and just does it -- boom -- with no questions asked (not that I didn't do my usual "full and fair," but he certainly would not have had any problem if I'd omitted it! And then we're talking, and it became very apparent that, far from being at all put-off by the fact that he now knows knows I'm a lesbian, he actually seems like he is honored that I told him -- like somehow it establishes the fact that I trust and respect him or something.Now, he talks to me about family things that he never talked to me about before, and I have gotten 3 very good referrals from him since then! -- Obviously, worst case scenario, I could have lost the client and the rollover -- which would have been too bad, but, in my personal estimation, not nearly as bad as giving away my self-respect by selling-out (literally, since there was money involved here) or disrespecting my partner and our relationship by rendering the true nature of her place in my life invisible and less-important-than-X-thousand-dollars.If they want to find out just how big of a problem they might have there, they are, of course, free to try to manipulate, coerce, or shame me into falling into line with their BS.They won't succeed, but they can try...when they do, they will find out that, when appropriate and necessary, I am able and willing to be more than enough of a b*tch to dispense with whatever kind of *ssh*l* they're going to be. I have previously never enjoyed the kinds of self esteem you exhibit, but I'm honored to have the opportunity to learn it at this point in my life. You've given me PLENTY of food for thought and living, in this post!!! I've been really tied-up at work for the last few weeks because one of my colleagues had a crisis that required his going out of state very unexpectedly and we were really scrambling to get all his work covered -- but it appears that right now I'm on a roll here.....

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