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There are three general types of Input devices: 1)Keyboards 2)Pointing devices(e.g:mouse,pointing stick,touch screen,graphic tablet, joy stick etc) 3)Source data entry devices(e.g:(1)scaning devices i.e;barcode reader,magnetic-ink character recognition reader(MICR), smart cards, imaging system, etc and (2)audio/video devicesi.e; audio input devices, video input devices and digital camera) There are many sites that provide you online facility to download the required PC driver.But finding a right one for you requirement is a cumbersome task.This is one of the only Single Core Phones to have 1 gb of RAM.Btw skunk, if you havent found out already, Firefox 10 beta can be downloaded from : Opera Mobile 11, look in You need to enable developer mode, 'allow installation from non store sources' and of course have a file manager installed.This phone has 1gb of RAM which is equivalent to the one in the Galaxy s2.

If not, chances are the drivers are installed and you can't get the front end (Crystal Eye to work). If you want just a normal average webcam, they range from about .00 to about .00. I would highly recommend an average webcam in the .00 range. Also check any installed software that came with the webcam.Step 2: Carefully read the installation instructions before attempting to install the webcam.Step 3: Make sure you have everything to hand that you’ll need to complete your installation.So you must follow the ones that came with your webcam very carefully and do exactly as they say.You’ll need: The following assumes that you’re using a PC running Windows.

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