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For example, Close Friend action possibilities includes social interactions from Good Friends, Friends, and Acquaintances, but not from any mean-spirited relationships, like Sort Of Friends.When the relationship meter between two Sims reaches either end of the spectrum (high or low), most of the time the player is prompted to request a new relationship status from the other player.One of the features of The Sims Social is the ability to have different types of Relationships.Relationships determine the type of interactions your Sim can have with another Sim.Certain social actions can only be unlocked by certain relationship levels.In most instances, a higher relationship level encompasses all of the possible social interactions in the levels below it that are of the same relationship nature.

You will be passively downgraded to this level if you do not maintain your Inseparable relationship.

For instance, if a "Close Friends" relationship request fails to send, you can use the Naughty Tail clothing item to initiate a "Naughty Friends" request.

Then use another friendly interaction to re-send the initial request. Relationships degrade over time if you do not visit and interact with your neighbors often.

mean interactions are more likely to yield a Fury), a player can maintain relationships easier if they designate different Sims for each nature of Relationship.

For example, a player could repeatedly direct their Sim to be Mean to Bella, in hopes of gaining Fury or unlocking more mean interactions, but remain Friendly to their actual Facebook friends' Sims.

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This is the base level that all relationships eventually trend to.

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