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In humans, X-linked traits are inherited from a carrier or affected mother or from an affected father.

In X-linked recessive conditions, a son born to an unaffected father and a carrier mother has a 50% chance of inheriting the mother's X chromosome carrying the mutant allele and presenting with the condition.

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A son born to an affected father and a non-carrier mother will always be unaffected due to not inheriting the father's X chromosome.

A daughter on the other hand will always be a carrier (some of which may present with symptoms due to aforementioned skewed X-inactivation), unless the condition is dominant, in which case she will always be affected.

Since humans have several times as many genes on the female X chromosome than on the male Y chromosome, X-linked traits are much more common than Y-linked traits.

Additionally, there are more X-linked recessive conditions than X-linked dominant, and X-linked recessive conditions affect males much more commonly, due to males only having the one X chromosome required for the condition to present.

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