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The score is calculated based on how the individuals responds to True and False questions.Low self-monitors tend to exhibit expressive controls congruent with their own internal states; i.e. Fuglestad, P & Snyder, M 2009, 'Self-monitoring and relationships', in Reis, HT & Sprecher, S (eds), , edited by Harry T. It is defined as a personality trait that refers to an ability to regulate behavior to accommodate social situations.People concerned with their expressive self-presentation (see impression management) tend to closely monitor their audience in order to ensure appropriate or desired public appearances.

Results showed that high self-monitoring women were more favorable than low self-monitoring women about their dates, regardless of males' levels of self-monitoring.Results from the study done by Day and Schleicher emphasize that the higher the individual scores on the scale, the more successful the individual tends to be as determined from the criteria of getting along, getting ahead, and making sense.The relationship between self-monitoring and career mobility in particular was studied with a research pool of Masters of Business Administration graduates.Pairs of subjects met each other and conversed briefly.After the initial meeting, subjects completed Dion Scales to give impressions of their partners.

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