Sedating cats for plane travel dating in todays modern society

However, traveling may be more difficult on your cat than you might imagine.

Some cats are simply not suited for travel because of temperament, illness or physical impairment.

(DO NOT take your cat out of her carrier inside the airport unless asked to by airport personnel.) If your cat has not worn a collar or harness before, get her accustomed to wearing it several weeks prior to travel starting with a few minutes at a time.

Whenever you leave the house with your cat, there is a possibility that your cat could make a fast escape.

In your second carry-on, combine your own in-flight essentials with items your cat may need.

Other items may include: The requirements for international travel differ for each country and each airline. Some countries require a time of quarantine when entering the country; others require rabies titers or preventative treatments such as deworming.

Check with your airline to make sure you have met all the requirements (health certificate, vaccinations, etc.). with a sturdy collar and TWO identification tags; one with your permanent address and phone number and the other with an address and phone number where you can be reached during travel.

If you consider your cats to be a part of the family, you might be tempted to bring them with you on your travels.

There is usually a limit to the number of cats allowed and a fee. Otherwise your pet will travel in the cargo compartment of the plane.

Reconfirm this reservation for your pet 24-48 hours before departure. Most airlines allow two carry-ons, and your cat will count as one.

All require an international health certificate within a specific timeframe.

Allow yourself plenty of time to fulfill mandatory requirements and complete paperwork.

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