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They increase the levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA.

The increased GABA levels help to keep your cat relaxed.

Benadryl can also make it less likely that the motion of the car will cause your cat to vomit.

In most cases, you will give your cat 1/4 of the human dosage with a frequency of no more than twice a day.

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As Xander’s travel date approached I specifically worked with him with treats & voice commands so he would voluntarily enter the carrier. On travel day I kept the carrier covered with the towel that I had used in the months leading up to the flight.

I also worked to get him comfortable with wearing a harness & being on the end of a leash (not walking, just lying down or being carried with them on so he could be taken out of the carrier for the TSA screening but not be able to get too far if he bolted). (The collar lasts for 30 days, I left it on during the rehoming period.)At the time all the cats traveled, Alaska Airlines was the only carrier to Hawai’i that allowed cats and small dogs in the passenger cabin; they must fit in a soft-sided carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. While the plane was pressurizing at the start of the flight I threw Xander’s favorite treats in to the carrier so that his jaws would be moving to relieve pressure in his ears. He was so well behaved that when I had to go to the bathroom I warned the guy next to me that Xander might make some noise if I was not there; he said he had no idea there was a cat sitting next to him. And she didn’t cower in the carrier either; she peeked out curiously at the activity around her.

We caught her to take her to our vet because she had a large, festering sore on her tail.

(Xander didn’t make a sound while I was gone.) He handled traveling like a pro! Since she is the most nervous cat, I thought she would be a problem. She felt safe hidden in the carrier that she identified as part of “home”.

Shiro & Momo (aka The Boys) were the last to move to Hawai’i.

Each of these medications affects a different mixture of neurotransmitters.

Here’s what you need to know about each type of medication: There are several types of benzodiazepines that are used to sedate cats, and they all are pharmacologically similar to the prescription medication Valium.

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(My son handled Momo, I had Shiro.) They are now 16.

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