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But the president instinctively understands that his people are Hannity's people and vice versa. And he's a great guy and an honest guy." When the president was still opening casinos in Atlantic City, Hannity was systematically building a following, identifying the issues that could stir up listeners (homosexuality, he declared in his first radio gig, is "disgusting") and portraying himself as a brash truth-teller whose plain talk was too blunt for the entrenched and the powerful.At an August rally, when Trump bashed the media as "the source of division" in the nation, he made a single exception: "How good is Hannity? : The voice on the answering machine at the Santa Barbara chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union had a distinctive New York sound.Like the president, who has been a Republican, a Democrat and an independent through the years, Hannity isn't necessarily what he appears to be.He denies being a journalist, but has said, "I think a lot of the reporting we do is better than the mainstream media." He covets being in a position of authority, leading a movement, yet he repeatedly embraces storylines that prove to be inaccurate.13, 2015: "Based on what you know, do you think Hillary Clinton should go to jail over the server scandal? 1, 2016: "Hillary Clinton — follow my words, the media won’t say it — she should be in jail, not on the campaign trail. 3, 2016: "Hillary Clinton is campaigning to be the next president. She should be the one in jail." - May 9, 2017: "If you or I, anybody in this audience, did anything close to what Hillary Clinton did, you would be put in jail." - May 12, 2017: "That was the president during the second presidential debate saying what a lot of Americans, including myself, think: Hillary Clinton needs to be prosecuted or at least investigated." - June 14, 2017: "Why isn’t Hillary in jail, Jay? 3, 2017: "If they’re going to investigate these things, they’ve got to investigate Hillary … "Nancy Pelosi cannot identify a ‘crime’ committed by President Trump.

Hannity, a still-rambunctious 55, insists he's not; he's pushed back against the president on tax reform and health care, for example.That’s because Hannity has often said former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should go to prison for using a private email server during her stint as secretary of state.Through a spokesperson, Hannity described a difference between his comments on Clinton and Pelosi’s more recent remarks about Trump."Based on no actual crimes, she wants a political opponent locked up in prison?That happens in banana republics." Sean Hannity on Nancy Pelosi saying she wants Trump in prison: "A political opponent locked up in prison?

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