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Really popular in Japan, they’ve picked up a bit of a casual following in the west as well.But at least for many I have played, there’s something kind of creepy about the mechanical / strategic way in which you play the romance game.There's Sunder, a bold talwar saber; Valeria, a refined dagger; Isaac, a precise rapier; Seven, a literal lightsaber; and Sawyer, a flexible glaive.Thanks to its Kickstarter success, Boyfriend Dungeon has also added two bonus weapons, including Pocket, a cat that transforms into brass knuckles.

A deluxe version is also available on their website featuring the full soundtrack, wallpapers, and additional artwork for .99.

Kitfox Games announced Boyfriend Dungeon last year with a vague teaser but a promising idea: a dungeon-crawling dating sim where you romance your weapons to make them, and yourself, stronger.

It's a modern RPG where you fight for glory in the "dunj" and fight for love at dating hotspots like museums and cafes.

"But, in this game as in real life, every relationship is a little bit different in its benefits and demands.

Some partners will teach you how to do more damage, while others will help you use skills more effectively."Outside of dedicated date spots, you can woo your partners mid-dungeon via branching dialogue.

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