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Reopened on the initiative of its citizens in 1942, a hugely difficult time for the city under German occupation, the cathedral underwent complete restoration after the war, with the bell tower fully restored in 1999 to mark the 250 anniversary of the city’s foundation.

Bolshaya Sadovaya Street and Theatre Square The pedestrian Soborny Pereulok leads from the Cathedral to the Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, the city’s most presentable and arguably most beautiful street, challenged for this prestigious title only by Pushkinskaya Street, an overwhelmingly green, partly pedestrian-only street a few blocks north.

A small town today with around 80,000 residents, Azov is much older than Rostov, dating back to the Scythian settlements on the Azov Sea coast more than a thousand years ago.

Later, the location was used as a Turkish outpost which changed hands repeatedly before finally becoming Russian in the middle of the 18 century.

Visitors can see what little remains of Azov Castle here.

The hustle and bustle never ceases here, making it the city’s most vibrant promenade.

Sit down for a snack in the shade (June is usually extremely warm in Rostov-on-Don), take a river cruise along the Don or cycle along the embankment to check out local art and monuments.

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