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By Jack Palmer Whether you are a high-production automated foundry or making individual castings on the molding floor, the same five processes apply to the construction of a sound chemically bonded sand mold. Each process builds on the previous one and each one needs to be considered carefully. Our App features our latest "How To" issue of Simple Solutions That Work! Our app is formatted to fit both tablets and phones and all issues can be viewed offline.

The bottom pour mechanism is similar to a conventional manually operated unit, with a guided slide bar raising the stopper rod assembly to commence pouring.

However the Safe-pour system, instead of a manually operated lever, uses a cylinder to raise the slide bar.

With many pieces of foundry equipment and the abuse that they are required to endure, we often find that the mechanical aspects of the machine were designed so heavy duty that they are still in good working order, but that the controls have long since fallen from the technological cutting edge.

With proper planning and research, it is possible to take an existing piece of equipment and upgrade the controls to allow it to meet the newly established production requirements.

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