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The channel included between the low clitf and the outer belt of pinnacles extends for half a mile or more roughly parallel to the coast, and may be either the result of a slip downward of the outer part of the cliff, or possibly a channel in a reef formed round the island when the sea was at that level.

It usually slopes gently seawards, sometimes becoming steeper towards the cliff' edge, which is nearly everywhere boi'dereil with a belt of pinnacles of coral limestone, separated by clefts and channels often parallel to the cliff edge. Here, on descending the slope of the terrace towards the clitf edge, we come first to a narrow belt of pinnacles, beyond which is a sudden drojj of about 50 feet ; at the foot of the low cliff thus formed is a perfectly level, soil-clad terrace, some 50 yards broad, which is bounded on the outer side by lines of pinnacles 20-30 feet high, separated by winding channels with level floors ; beyond these is a slope covered with piles of limestone blocks extending to the c Kff edge.

Möt singlar genom en delad passion vid någon av våra många aktiviteter eller över en drink på något av våra gratisevenemang. för publicering på webbplatserna, samt på andra webbplatser som tillhandahålls av bolag som vid var tid ägs direkt eller indirekt av Meetic SAS (ett bolag registrerat i Frankrike med adress 6, rue Auber, 75009 Paris) såväl inom som utom EU (“Meetic Group”) och/eller av Matchs samarbetspartners.

Match kan komma att lämna ut sådana känsliga personuppgifter till bolag inom Meetic Group och till tjänsteleverantörer inom och utom EU för behandling för de ändamål som anges i Integritetspolicyn.

On the northern and eastern sides the edge fonns, in most places, a raised rim, bounded externally by a low cliff, below which comes the 12 Chrintmas Inland. In other places it passes into the inland cliif by a more gentle slope.

On the south coast one or other of the upper inland cliffs is wanting, or rather the two form a single declivity. Speaking generally, the whole of the upper part of the island consists of a plain, sloping goitly to the south and west, and possessing a surface varied with shallow valleys, rounded flat- topped hills, and low ridges and reefs of coral limestone.

For the most part the rocks composing it show few traces of coral, and have been to a great extent dolomitized, as will be described in the geological section.

Along the east coast, how- ever, the upper 40 or 50 feet may be neaiiy vertical for long distances, forming a true cliff' along the upper rim of the island.

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