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I did this film called , and it deals with a polyamorous threesome—a very stable, romantic healthy relationship that just happens to involve three people. In this film, these two characters are actually very conventional—they’re not radicals, but they’re dabbling in something that they believe to be transgressive to work out who they are.

What I learned from both movies is that being in any kind of relationship takes tremendous communication.

"It’s about people trying to work out how to question a relationship that is basically good," Hall—who's also a producer on the film—says.

How can you know a relationship is right if there's "nothing terribly, obviously bad about it"?

People stay in relationships because they don’t want the criticism of "I failed," and there isn’t such a thing as a failed relationship.

That is a lesson that people in vanilla, cookie-cutter, straight relationships can learn, because if you’ve got that, you stand a better chance.It was the whole point of her character that she was going about this all the wrong way. I don’t think there’s a woman in any workplace in any industry in any place in the world that hasn’t come across this challenge of not being heard in the same way someone else might be heard.You watch it and you learn the lessons: This is how not to do this. I think one of the brilliant aspects of this whole thing that’s happening is that people will wise up to this.I know most people won’t give a crap about this story, but I’m feeling a moment of gossip vindication!In March of 2010, Kate Winslet and her director husband/baby-daddy Sam Mendes announced their split.

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