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It is true that you may not have previously considered these people your compatriots.

But now you have more in common with them than with your oldest childhood friends. More good news: now that you are sick, you have time to think.

As we stood there together on the wide, deserted walkway, it seemed as if cancer had erased our differences by bringing us into the intimacy of shared trouble.

Then, with a nod, he strode swiftly away on his muscular legs, at least four times as fit as I was.

Nervously, he shifts from foot to foot, a styrofoam cup of coffee in his hand. Frankly your immune system seems to be the problem.

An elderly Chinese couple sit side by side, silently studying their phones. Installed by history and maintained by privilege, it is too robust, too entrenched to be undone by anything less than disaster. If you are white and doing well in America, a voice whispers to you incessantly, repeating that you deserve to be on top, that to profit is your just reward.

By now I have orbited many times around the honeycombed complex of registration desks, prep rooms, and staging areas, potted plants and bubbling aquariums.

I have sat in the infusion lounge, where twenty poles rise like trees beside twenty upholstered recliners, each pole hung with a fat plastic udder feeding gemcitabine or cisplatin into someone’s arm: the unnaturally cheerful evangelist minister; the gray-faced Vietnam vet wearing his American Legion hat and windbreaker, as if he were going off to another war.

It was the start of my journey through this well-lit underworld.

The tough lesbian with the bleached-blond crew cut and the black leather jacket.

And you will be cushioned and bolstered by the sheer number and variety of your fellows.

With relief and dismay you’ll realize, The withered old Jewish lefty newspaper editor.

The Latino landscape contractor with the stone-roughened hands.

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This room at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, is full of people of different ages, body types, skin colors, religious preferences, mother tongues, and cultural backgrounds. They are wearing church clothes; the older kids are supervising the younger ones while two grown women lean into their conversation and a man — fiftyish, in a gray sports coat — stares into space. Show up early on Friday morning and lay your forearm on the padded armrest of the phlebotomist’s chair. Her fingernails are two inches long, and it is hard to believe she can do her job with nails like that, but she’s flawless and slips the needle into the hardened, scarred vein in the back of your hand.

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  1. You can second guess what scenes are going to appear, the inspirational and motivating speech, the realism that this is a chance to do something worth while and of course the big finale where you get the expected and very cliché which reaches an emotional high.