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one last thing if these features are set to come, indeed than im expecting voice/video mail as well, i mean having these features without this wouldn't make much sense if you ask me. Example: Hold circle to respond to team in game, release to continue talking to your friend LOL wow hope everyone is good at being multitask cause if your not ur screwed lol for guitar hero, i will point the cam at the tv and then friends can watch my run as it happens! As long as we have the option to remove the screen of our friend in game im cool with it,id prefer my whole screen to be for me, i could easily pause the game and hit the ps button if he wants me to see somthing.

Also anybody with a brain knows simple voice chat will be in this update to, not everyone has a cam, so this update will make in game xmb much better as in game chat rooms are my most wanted thing.

For example, in Zone of The Enders 3, it'd be cool to have your friends' video come up in the c0ckpit console during a lobby or something.

Or when your friend talks, a picture in picture video will come up during the match in the corner. The whole point of playing games and having Avatars is so you don't have to smash your ugly grill all over the place.

Sony will deliver this addition sometime this year, however they also hope to go one step better: In-Game Video Chat.

And we're not just talking about video chatting while you have the game paused. ;-D PSN is much better than XBOT Live and its free!!!!!!!!!

If i'm not mistaken there was a picture that showed the feature in F1. I doubt it was real, but it looked like it was being shown during a press conference with Phil Harrison at the stand. Wow, Sony is copying yet another feature trying to catch-up to the superior service. You want to call me some more names you little 12 year old? i could do with just being in a closed chat with someone or a few people... That way you can see their face when you score that winning TD in the final seconds... im all for it If that rumor's true..would be incredibly awesome. Also it wouldnt exactly be great on peoples bandwidths either.

My guess only 2 games will support like your achievement rip-offs and pitiful in-game soundtracks. @Below: I can do in-game video chat or look at something like Uno. You can't argue the points so you just go right to name calling. Assumed that since this article is about the ps3 to get in-game video chat, it didn't have it. Giant Enemy Poop= Just another jealous xbot muppet. guys want bragging rights just because the 360 had in game chat? And like Uno on 360, High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition on PS3 has camera support that is almost identical the way it's implemented on Uno. As far as I know, being able to have video chat while in-game in any 360 game is not possible on 360. EDIT:ok...a diss ok..what i dont need the whole screen to play right? However, having the option there wouldn't hurt, just aslong as normal voice chat is there too!

Go figure a imbred and inept fishhead like Giant Enemy Crabs In His Panties up there would make such a grandiose comment. I'm sure you can finish that game of "waiting for your console to return from repairs" later. @ Fishhead Enema Loving Crab - What points needed to be argued? So really sony would offer both surpassing the XBL feature If they do come out with it that is (which they prolly will) EDIT: at BZONE.. Card games, board games is all I'd really want it in. You idiots don't seem to realize that the 360 CAME OUT FIRST! On top of that, Sony has more PS EYE games then Microsoft has Xbox Live Vision only games. What's even better about games that support video chat on PS3 is that you don't even need the official camera for it to work with games that support it. I think it would be really cool to video chat in any game as long as the video window wasnt to obstructive.

I always felt that 2.4 was more of a stepping stone or foundation for better things rather than the "be-all, end-all" firmware people were expecting. but i also believe that with time they both ms and sony will find ways to, compress these features somehow from taking up too much memory and next thing you know boom here we are, besides having and frequently getting all these updates only make you wonder the future consoles and their infrastructure. if this does happen sony will have to make some adjustments to its OS, i mean move the whole trophy awarding to bottom center of the screen, so it wont interfere with in game video chat feature, and move the battery meter to and inch to the left of its original position so that both it and the date/time can show with no blockage or dare i say interference. what your friend is doing at home can be a bit distracting lol....

or you can just leave the trophy pop up, where it currently is located, since it only pops once in a while. well ingame voice chat is nice though they should also have a button for you to press on the controller so you can respond between convo.

I would love that...I don't think it will happen this year.

Sony has a lot on their plate right now(Home, LBP, KZ2, R:fom2, GT5, GOW3 ectect) I just don't see how they could come up with the software to make this possible so soon after 2.4.

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I love it if they do, but I don't see it happening this year.

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