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Clearly mature, decent adults And why do narcissists after months or years – even if you don’t respond in any shape or form – still “throw a line” to “test the waters” to see if you’ll “take the bait?

Naturally, the understandable human model before self-recovery is to hope (despite the repeated evidence) that this person has finally “got it” and will stop the atrocious behaviour.Often, this separation occurs after a time of silence between you and the narcissist.The hoovering generally happens when you are not making contact, and at times when you are trying to get on with your life.The horrible thing about the cycle of violence is that the abuse intensifies and the cycle becomes tighter and tighter and more frequent.You see, abusers who are narcissist don’t learn by their mistakes.

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  1. I'm glad that we did it because one of the ways I think that we will start to evolve people's way of thinking and allow for more acceptance is by helping them see what same-sex couples and families look like — that it's not scary, but relatable.