Problems in interracial dating

Interracial couples must identify the barriers and general issues that face them.

It is one thing to be in love, but it is another to actually deal with the realities of that love.

They should not try to ignore the situation and think that it will disappear with time.

It is important for the couple to regularly talk about their differences and how to address them.

For example, the couple will need to face negative comments about them, even from supposed friends and family members.

In some families, a son or daughter who is interdating may be warned about being cut off if the relationship continues.

However, the number of people who actually date someone of another race or ethnic group is definitely not as high.An interracial couple needs to build up coping mechanisms that will make their relationship stronger.For example, they have to truly believe that what they are doing is right for themselves.College students who are interdating say that they often forget that their differences go beyond color.They also have to look at other complex issues, such as religion, socioeconomic status, cultural background and political leanings.

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