Playing with matches misadventures in dating

One of the most important things though that I have learned through all this dating, is that there are levels to all these fuckboys running around here. You run over all excited only to discover the white paint on the unicorn comes off on your hand and the gold horn is actually a party hat from Wal-mart that someone put on a jackass that was painted white. This varies from a relationship commitment to marriage.So this entry is going to be devoted to discussing the three levels of fuckboys that are prominent in this modern dating world. These guys will pop back up because they are serial daters and will circle back around on when they need attention. After writing about Old Bae, I had a ton of girls come out and tell me stories about their similar experiences.They let everyone know exactly what they are looking for. These dudes are looking to hit it and quit it and maaaaybe revisit it at 2 am on a Saturday when everyone has had too much to drink and a few inappropriate texts. They tell you EXACTLY what they are interested in and what their expectations are. If you fall for this guy, that is your own damn fault. You’re going to get the same result as if you did go up. These dudes are the ones that are playing on a woman’s hope for monogamy in order to get some at the end of a date. He has put in a full weeks worth of work and shown you he is dedicated to you! These are the men you encounter pretty regularly that proposition you. I encountered many of these characters on good ole Tinder,every so often on Bumble, and at any given bar. This will be followed by some indication that you could potentially become that person. (Hint: it.isn’t.) You then proceed to go on a date. He will pull a few couply moves (handholding, eye staring, face brush, etc). He went home after I shut it down for the 800 time. They’re at the bar, walking down the street, and obviously on every app. This despite the fact that I expressly state in my profile that I am not interested in hookups and avoid eye contact with lecherous looking individuals. Hell it also hasn’t stopped some dudes asking me if I would be interested in being in an FLR or dominatrix based situation with them. Sample flirtatious remark: “well I met this really great girl I have been talking to a lot that I hope it works out with! The night will start coming to an end and he will spout out some BS about having such a great time and not wanting it to end. Don’t expect to hear from him every day ever again.

However, there are news articles, documentaries, movies, and even a TV episode from Dr Phil retelling the abduction story of a sex slave in detail.We can read second hand sources told by news coverage or non profit organizations.Let’s say for instance that a young woman decides to meet this ‘Joe Smith’ on this ‘date’ after their conversation via Facebook or Instagram Direct Message.Many of them are branded with tattoos of their former pimps nickname.But what about other victims who were exploited but escaped to freedom who have chosen not to tell their story? Was it the same as everyone else or completely different?

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When she meets up with him, they may have a ‘nice’ time at first and then what? Is it possible that the trafficker’s sidekick or male or female gang member shows up to help with the kidnapping?

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