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Unfortunately, I can't reach the ACP for this site anymore. The Drupal site was originally built some months ago at the forums were originally at BB3.

Recently, the organization's old domain name was moved into place so the Drupal sits is now the forums are (as previously indicated) I had looked in some of my php BB3_ tables but completely overlooked _config.

Problem is, the ACP link at the bottom of each forum page takes me back to the OLD address of BB3/adm... Following your lead I found that the site_name there was correct, but server_name and cookie_domain had not been corrected yet.

and that almost instantly redirects me to the page at igo. Still, after changing those and clearing out the cache folder the behavior persists.

Can you also update the links to the styles database in acp_styles.html?Tmod Ok found the file and code that was causing the issue for me. When I commented out the code below the "Can view the portal" option returned in 3.1.7 pl1.Checking the same file in 3.1.6 it does not have the same code listed below.Whilst I know that features are not normally added to minor updates I would suggest that this feature is considered for 3.2 as soon as it is ready rather than waiting for [email protected]: I'm curious about how this proposal will work if the vendor folder has to be updated.Currently the vendor folder has to be deleted and a new one uploaded.

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