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You can also bookmark the MCQs you might want to revise.

Go to the Tests section (3rd icon in the bottom menu), choose the type of test (min/subject/grand), and scroll down to the test that you have submitted.

When you take a test after the results are published, you’ll get a predicted rank instead of a real-time rank.

Predicted rank is the rank you would have got if you had taken the test when it was live.

You can find the reset option in your profile page. We maintain strict rules against it to prevent any sort of manipulation and ensure genuine scores and ranks.

Read how to effectively use Marrow for a good rank in this 5 point guide: link For AIIMS we also recommend that you solve the previous 3 years’ papers (commercially available). Our review team consisting of brilliant doctors and faculty reviews QBank & videos every 2 weeks and after major exams or updates.You should be making steady progress with each test, in your score as well as rank.If not, it is time to revisit your preparation and strategy.You can also see the rank and review on the test series section) Note that you will be able to review the test only if you have attempted and submitted it. It is recommended to take Marrow tests on a laptop/desktop for a real NEET PG exam experience.On the web, we use a software that closely simulates the NEET PG exam interface.

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As we are not limited to a single city, we can afford to bring together the best teachers from all over India on a single platform.

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