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The Offense I was chatting happily with my husband, Patrick, when they blew into our dinner party like a tornado: Tracy and Jon, hips attached, arms intertwined, giggling, whispering, kissing, kissing, kissing. Every woman instantly felt undesirable; every man, inadequate.

All this kissyface was cute when they first started going out, but ever since the scene they made at our last party, I'd put Tracy and Jon on double-secret probation.

Public love can be a smoke-and-mirrors special effect, designed to keep the attention off a real problem, a sexual or emotional incompatibility.

I remember one summer, before our children were born, we shared a beach house with a few other couples.

An informal survey of my friends has confirmed that there's little or no correlation between excessive PDA and a sweaty sex life.

Me being me, I brought the subject up at the dinner table.

Now I was ready to knock them off my guest list for good. [] Sometimes I think you old-marrieds are just jealous." "Believe me, you're taking it too far," I wanted to snap, but Tracy's comment gave me pause.

Why is it that the worst perpetrators of public displays of affection (PDA) seem oblivious to their offense? After a few glasses of wine, I'd had all I could take and said, "There's actually a roomful of people here. I had to admit that their recent PDA had made me question my own relationship.

I got my answer a few weeks later, when Tracy told me that she and Jon had broken up.

She admitted to me (as well as to herself) that when they were alone, she and Jon were unable to muster up much affection at all.

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