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As a result he ended up with lots of cracked backs, including one on a favorite Martin.Charles traveled down to Nazareth to get the guitar repaired and Fred Martin gave him a factory tour.Acurious phenomenon that ac-companies certain guitar compa-nies is an inability to translate success from one medium to another.For instance, Martin has never been able to transfer its reputation for high-quality acoustics to electric guitars.The uncertain, fleeting glory of the entertainment industry, or the unknown possibilities of putting craft in the air?Dorsey’s orchestra left town without Charles Kaman.And Fender has never been able, on its own, to really succeed in marketing acoustic guitars. Another example is Ovation, the company that almost single-handedly created the acoustic/electric category and radically altered views about how acoustic guitars should be constructed.No matter how hard they tried, Ovation’s repeated attempts to enter the solidbody electric area have failed. However, Ovation’s marketing failures do not mean it hasn’t made some pretty interesting – even innovative – electric guitars over the years, and these represent one of few areas in guitar collecting where you can find excellent, historically significant instruments, often at remarkably reasonable prices.

Charlie was hot that night, and Dorsey took notice.

Except for using Carter’s book to confirm some dates and a few details, most of the information presented here was gathered independently prior to publication of that book.

The Road Not Taken In a way, the Ovation story (to use Robert Frost’s famous metaphor) is one of roads not taken.

Kaman helped come up with a solution that combined wood with a new synthetic plastic material that provided insulation.

However, management was not interested in his ideas.

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