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that the week prior his security alarm had gone off in the night, prompting him to grab his gun and go downstairs to check out the house.

It was a false alarm, he said, but that prompted a chat with the writer about guns and shooting.

He crashed a speedboat on South Africa's Vaal River in 2008 and needed 180 stitches to patch up his face; he wasn't made to take blood tests but witnesses said Pistorius had been drinking.

He was charged with a weapons offense for firing his gun through the sunroof of a moving car in 2012.

The violent crime rate in South Africa was notoriously high and, though he lived in a gated community, he kept a gun in the house for protection. "—and the answer to that would make all the difference.

Alas, the situation was a case of he-said, who-knows?

Pistorius may have been considered a catch, but Steenkamp was the whole package: the model and TV personality was also a law school graduate, an advocate for victims of rape and domestic abuse, and had twice named her one of the 100 sexiest women in the world.

The handsome pair had gone public as a couple a few months beforehand, in November 2012.

After Steenkamp's death, police confirmed that there had been prior calls about domestic incidents at Pistorius' house, including in 2009 when he spent a night in jail for allegedly slamming the door on a 19-year-old woman's leg during a party at his house after she refused to leave; an assault charge was eventually dropped.

A January 2012 profile described Pistorius as having the quintessential athlete's disposition, "that of a person who believes himself to be royalty of a certain kind." At one point, the writer noticed Pistorius hitting 155 miles per hour on the speedometer while behind the wheel of his Nissan GT-R in the rain.

When he went to the bathroom, she asked Reeva if she was happy and her cousin replied, "Yes, but we need to talk." Martin said she regretted never pressing Reeva right then and there about what she meant.

And yet a friend of Steenkamp's stated in an affidavit read at Pistorius' bail hearing, "Reeva told me that she really liked Oscar and they both clicked and understood each other...

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Born without tibia, Pistorius' legs were amputated beneath the knee when he was 11 months old.

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