Ora 14402 updating partition key

Do note I am a novice (about 8 months exposure to Oracle Sql - so be gentle please :)I have the following scenario Table A containing: Wave_No, Wave_Desc, Wave_Date Table B containing: Wave_No, Order_No, Order_Date, Order_Status Table C containing: Order_No, Line_No...

If there is a requirement to change the structure of a table that is already in use productively, it may be impossible to get a maintenance downtime for that table, because it is constantly in use.

The next step will basically insert all the rows from the original table into the interim table (thereby automatically generating 99 partitions), while DML during that period is recorded: If this step takes a long time to run it might be beneficial to use the SYNC_INTERIM_TABLE procedure occasionally from another session.

That prevents a longer locking time for the last step, the calling of FINISH_REDEF_TABLE.

I know that one way this can be achived is by granting drop any table system previledge. Hello, I need help in developing a simple interactive page where people across my team can use it to insert/update and select data from an Oracle table. What tools and technologies should I use and how to use them? Hi, Can I, as DBA, force users to change their password on first use...For this purpose, we introduced already in 9i (if I recall it right) the package DBMS_REDEFINITION.First step would be to ask, whether it can be used in this case: select * from v$version; BANNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production PL/SQL Release - Production CORE Production TNS for Linux: Version - Production NLSRTL Version - Production Because there is no Primary Key on the original table, I have to use CONS_USE_ROWID, else I could use CONS_USE_PK.alter table t enable row movement; I did not understand what is meant by "enable row movement".I cannot drop the partitions and recreate it after updating the table and also i don't have proper priviliges for enale row movement syntax because of the lack of privileges.

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