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Never thought I'd try online dating but it's not like there's a ton of options out there, right?

We met on the site after I was deployed and in person a since then, and man, I'm so happy.

With your profile ready to go, you can start using the many site features to look through the huge database of members around the world.

Whether you're military or a civilian, this site makes it simple!

Military dating faces many challenges, and getting the relationship started is one among many.

Service With ASmile_00I've got an amazing girl back home, and it's all thanks to Active Duty Dating.Finding someone you can really see yourself with is only the first step in a successful military relationship, but we want to make sure it's one of the easiest, so get started now when you create a profile.In the past, one of the hardest things about dating in or among the armed forces has been keeping in touch and keeping love alive with communication.FIND A MATCH NEARBY OR WHERE YOU WANT TO BEStacy Says Hello Sailor I met my Navy boyfriend on Active Duty Dating. I knew I wanted to date someone military, and I looked him up so quickly.I couldn't believe how quickly we started chatting and really hitting it off.

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There were a bunch I liked and I chatted with a few, but one really stood out, and sure enough, we're still together.

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