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Men scurrying from table to table at the sound of bell chimes, everyone jotting down notes and carrying on and laughing while drinking their glasses of wine. Even if there was no chemistry between you and another member everyone was so interesting to meet.” “I have to tell you my story...

I am also a very grateful customer I am a single mom with a life style that gets filled up with work and getting things done at home...

“For your next 5 minutes, let’s focus on specific questions for the men. Speed dating is a new phenomenon that is catching interest among working professionals.

Ask them questions about children, plans for more children, plans for family, etc. Because of their busy work schedule and their lack of interest in going to clubs or bars, busy single professionals have turned to the services provided by speed dating and are enjoying the outcome.

” These words are resonated from the loudspeaker as the female moderator targets the single moms in the bar. ” These words are basically a brief synopsis of what occurs in speed dating across the United States.I knew I needed to get out more, I wanted to meet someone wonderful, so I decided to give speed dating a try.The first time they called, I was so nervous and felt like a loser so I backed out. I went and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of people that attended. I met a man that night, a wonderful man, and I would not have met him if I had not gone..A call to the organization to find out when the next event would be held yielded no results.“I’ve been speed dating through NWA Speed Dating a couple of times,” Laura said.

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“We don’t have the same social groups like we did when we were younger,” said Robert Holmes, who recently moved to Fayetteville.

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