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People are busy, and two notaries could handle the same paperwork on two separate days with two separate signers.

Those loans are tricky, and are more likely to have to be redrawn. Notarization Dates The date you notarize someone’s signature is the notarization date.

The date corresponds to the signature, not the document.

I had very few choices of contestants to put in the drawing to win Starbucks!Regardless, is it valid or void under Massachusetts law??? Based on what you’ve described, we think it would be best if you contacted our Hotline team by phone and provided them with a more detailed description of the situation. Journals keep records in sequential order, so you can go back to July 3rd, 2003, and see that you indeed never notarized Shelly Deeds and her Deed.Backdating In your career, you will most likely eventually be asked to put a fraudulent date on your notarial certificate which is refered to as backdating.

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It adds to the integrity of the notarization and safeguards against fraud, especially when you take thumbprints for all documents (optional, but recommended).

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