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This is a gossip blog we talk about folks in entertainment business, half of which we know did some f'ed up stuff to get where there at. I bet if we stripped many artists, they would be regular chicks walking down the street and people would say shyt. :)[/quote] can you prove that you sing better than her? Cardi B Offers Up A Response You Wouldn't Expect After Candace Owens Tried To Play Her» Missy Elliott Just Blessed Us With New 'Iconology' EP & 'Throw It Back' Visuals» Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em... Jay-Z Set To Team Up With The NFL For Social Justice Campaign & Music» HOT GIRLS ARE UP!

Off the no bullshit it's not serious but the way you carried it implies that it was of importance to you so go figure. If that were my life's desire, I'd be trying to book some studio time. Yes, I do have a pretty good voice that doesn't have to be altered by studio equipment. Michelle Obama & Coco Gauf's Meeting Is #Black Girl Magic Personified» SHE TRIED IT!

Sources have revealed that the singer is enjoying happy times with Nelly.“Joss and Nelly have been out on a few dates together.

It’’s early days but we haven”t seen Joss this happy in quite a long time, the Mirror quoted an insider as saying.“It’’s great she has met someone as successful as she is and who understands the pressures being a performer can put on your life.

If you wanna prove you can sing, then go to myspace, record yourself singing and blow us!! but the question was actually rhetoric, because of course YOU CANT! Anyways...[/quote] ..she wasn't talkin' shit, you asked her! Actually, she stated in first place that she could sing better than Ashanti~ Hence my question!!

Anyways, its not that serious~~~[/quote] No, I just don't care much for you. People be taking shyt to heart like they are the artists themselves. Artists put themselves out there and shouldn't be bothered by the criticsm.

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