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When class allocation began based on our UPSR results, I witnessed gross and close to malicious bias.

Her Mom and Dad were factory workers and she had an adorable little brother.Failing to nab the top class, culture shock, (she was used to be surrounded by Indian classmates and schoolmates) as well as with trouble conversing in Malay and English languages disillusioned Sanjana and she began to be in bad company in the manifestation of Form 2 unruly, domineering Indian girls (they were from Remove classes and were older than Sanjana and me) who were literally out casts. In the afternoon, before the school bell rings, some boys and girls from both schools can be seen loitering in the platforms of shop lots situated in front of both secondary schools.The same is true after school, while waiting for transportation to take them home. I was her unwilling companion on those endeavours at Medan Kidd, Ipoh’s bus central.It was only the day she returned my tee that she said she wore it on an outing with the now, ‘the love of her life’. The very thought was revolting but I didn’t say anything to her.Then, she showed me the hickeys he gave her on her neck and chest and told me that it led them to sex. Once home, I washed and scrubbed my tee with Dynamo detergent and rinsed it to my heart’s content.

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It was just a couple of notches down from lower middle class.

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