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The LGBTQ community has been struggling with a huge problem since the beginning of humanity.

Ignorant and misguided members of society refuse to acknowledge that they are within their rights to choose their orientation and not be expected to explain themselves.

But you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t mind swallowing.” Daniel Cisneros, 20, has a different point of view on the issue.

He has never pressured a woman into giving a blow job.

He says that women need a little more persuasion when it comes to blow jobs.

Landeros believes that it’s all talk from women because eventually they’ll do it.

You can’t make up a story inside your head and expect them to confirm it.

Don’t assume that the things happening in movies and television shows can be applied to your partner.

What boggles the minds of most men is why some women don’t like giving blow jobs.

There are a few reasons why I have a problem with performing felatio. Another reason is if the man doesn’t like the way you’re doing it.

Sometimes it smells funny down there and often the area is a little hairy.

“I’ve tried once for like five seconds and it was not my style,” said Cano.

“It just seems wrong to me.” Jessica Medina, a 20-year-old CSUN student, has been with her boyfriend for over two years and feels sex is a great thing and a very important part of the relationship.

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“Sometimes women say that they don’t want to do it because they think it’s wrong,” said Landeros.

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