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I think Pasha’s a little stiff in the shoulders, though, and it particularly shows when he and Lacey start dancing in unison. However, her little black dress has a ginormous poufy skirt.Overall, it looks great, but she could be preggers under there and I’d never be able to tell. The kids are in a bunch, all dressed in gray, and Neil is winding Lacey up.First off, Cat appears looking absolutely stunning in a mauve dress, except for some seriously misplaced tulle around the midsection. I don’t get this silhouette at all, fashion designers of the world. See kids, they didn’t get eliminated, instead they just went to Dancing Heaven. Jaimie and Kameron also do some partnering, and Jaimie does her fancy splits. Pasha drums on Lauren’s butt and they goof around adorably. Cat asks the judges to sum up the season in a sentence each — boring. Neil kicks off the number by pirouetting while dressed like a mime, and the others push chairs on to the stage. There’s a brief kick line, lots of jazz hands, and they conclude by running over to the judge’s table and pose. Dan advises the folks to “take it to another level” if at all possible. More pre-recorded footage: Cat’s doing sit-down chats with all the finalists.And next year, I seriously hope the wardrobe people stop dressing Cat like she’s preggers. Shane says that the caliber of dancers is so improved that all the good dancers who didn’t come to auditions last year will show up for next season. If you were in last year’s bottom ten, you’ve gotta be hating yourself right about now. Nigel loved it, but wants Lacey to focus on her partner more. Lacey got conned into dancing by her parents, who bribed her with Barbie dolls.Benji Schwimmer initiated his career at the age of 5 by gaining some experiences in ‘Sunshine Magic’ and by participating in competitive dance competitions. D) and worked as a songwriter, producer, and vocalist for a pop-rock band ‘The Weekend Forecast’.However, he got his breakthrough when he participated in a dance competition ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ with his first dance partner Donyelle Jones and was named the winner on August 16, 2006. Though his net worth and salary are not known through any media, it is highly believed that he gets a lot of money as his salary.The So You Think You Can Dance judges are just as anxious as we are to hear who the big winner will be. Thanks to football, tonight’s show has been delayed a bit, but I was perfectly content to wait. Then Lauren sticks a hand up dramatically, and we see that they’re all in Kiss makeup and enveloped in a fisherman’s net.Shankman agrees with me: Sabra and Danny are where it’s at. Shane’s gone from a Danny-hater to a Danny-appreciater. It’s a medley of dance styles: Planet of the Apes, Electrocution, Power Lunges, Piggyback Ride. Over ten and a half million votes cast on Wednesday!

It’s chock-full of spoilers for other shows, so I’ll just spill the news: Lacey and Hok are dating. Suffering from So You Think You Can Dance withdrawal? But hey, remember how Sabra and Allison were in High School Musical? If you’re extra bored, here’s a video of Britney Spears and ‘N SYNC performing at the MTV Video Music Awards to keep you entertained. Nigel sums up the season for us: stronger contestants, higher standards, et cetera. And then instantly redeems herself by calling Nigel, and I quote, an “English muffin.” Next, we get a clip show of everyone’s best moments.

He is also famous for being a son of the well-known dancer Buddy Schwimmer and an elder brother of Lacey Schwimmer who stood fourth on the third season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

Benji Schwimmer was born to noted dancer Buddy Schwimmer in Redlands, California, United States of America.

That would be surprising, except I probably cast a good nine million of them.

Intro rundown: Cat says “judges” with a hint of normalcy (THANK YOU!

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