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Somehow PI's Calculate method was no longer running during the normal workbook recalculate.In Settings I had to change Automatic Update command to Full Calculate and then back again.I also have had this problem with a very large spreadsheet that just stopped updating itself over the weekend, but having checked the above solutions, setting were already set to automatic, and sheet is too big to rebuild, so I was at a loss.

has a 'root node' which is the top-most parent for all nodes in the tree. If a node doesn't have any children node, it is called a leaf node.

I stripped the quotes and the cells calculated as normal.

In my instance I was using a particular add-in called PI Datalink.

These children nodes themselves can have further children nodes.

The leaf node is displayed with a different visual indicator. Default Mutable Tree Node; public class Tree Example extends JFrame The output shows the root node and the two children.

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