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So, if you have the urge to tell your partner, “I’m weery ti-yud” when you’re sleepy — don’t hold back!

But I don't think this would be possible if William and I hadn't totally destroyed each other. Our relationship mirrored a plotline: It was lunatic, idiot, scream-in-the-street first love.Oaths were sworn, futons were swooned upon, and many nights were spent staring out windows while listening to maudlin lo-fi rock songs with French-horn sections.I'm sure we irritated a lot of people and disturbed a lot of alley cats. One day, I made that rookie mistake of asking him whether he loved me anymore. This made us both furious and sad, and we parted ways.I’ve heard people complain about couples’ baby talk more times than I can count (and certainly more times than a baby could count), but it can actually be a healthy part of a relationship.Sure, at first it can seem odd to have grown adults speaking to each other like infants, but there are very good reasons for doing so.

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  1. Vickers' live show performances attracted both praise and criticism; judge Simon Cowell likened her to Marmite, saying fans would either love or hate her unusual singing style, stating that he "loved it".